Self-assembly pathways for DNA origami
Speaker: Frits Dannenberg
Date: 16.10.2015 | Room: Seminarroom ZNN Ground Floor | Details

Computer Controlled DNA Based Molecular Machine
Speaker: Toma E. Tomov
Date: 08.10.2015 | Room: Seminar Room ZNN, 2nd Floor | Details

The mechanical genome
Speaker: Helmut Schiessel
Date: 10.07.2015 | Room: PH 127 | Details

DNA assembly under control: From DNA nanotechnology to the self-replication of nucleic acids
Speaker: Isaac Gállego
Date: 22.06.2015 | Room: ZNN Ground Floor Seminarraum | Details

Polyglutamine and neurodegeneration
Speaker: Annalisa Pastore
Date: 19.06.2015 | Room: PH 127 | Details

Molecular Quality Control in the Cell: Structural Mechanisms, Cellular Pathways and Molecular Engineering
Speaker: Matthias J. Feige
Date: 12.06.2015 | Room: PH 127 | Details

Signals from the matrix: Are endothelial cells responding to changes in the matrix elasticity?
Speaker: Torsten Gloe
Date: 08.05.2015 | Room: PH 127 | Details

Towards Whole Cells Modeled in 3D Mole-cular Detail and Community Curated with cellPACK
Speaker: Graham T. Johnson
Date: 27.04.2015 | Room: ZNN Ground floor Seminarraum | Details

Mechanisms of membrane transport: a single-molecule view
Speaker: Thorben Cordes
Date: 24.04.2015 | Room: PH 127 | Details

Reversible blocking of antibodies using bivalent peptide-DNA locks
Speaker: Brian Janssen
Date: 20.04.2015 | Room: ZNN Ground floor Seminarraum  | Details

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