Cryo-EM structural basis for dynactin-p150 binding to microtubules and its implication for microtubule dynamics
Speaker: Naoko Mizuno
Date: 22.01.2016 | Room: PH 127 | Details

From biofilm to surface spreading: how bacteria share the matrix
Speaker: Akos T. Kovacs
Date: 15.01.2016 | Room: PH 127 | Details

Navigating the cytoskeleton: Novel tools to dissect and direct intracellular transport
Speaker: Lukas Kapitein
Date: 08.01.2016 | Room: PH 127 | Details

Single molecule imaging of cohesin-DNA interactions on DNA curtains
Speaker: Johannes Stigler
Date: 18.12.2015 | Room: PH 127 | Details

Labs, Cells and Organs on a Chip
Speaker: Albert van den Berg
Date: 04.12.2015 | Room: PH 127 | Details

Integrative Dynamical Biology
Speaker: Carlo Camilloni
Date: 20.11.2015 | Room: PH 127 | Details

Dynamic and Functional DNA Nanotechnology: From the Design of an Artificial Rotatory Nanodevice towards Chimeric Nanoreactors Mimicking Enzymes
Speaker: Julián Valero Moreno
Date: 13.11.2015 | Room: PH 127 | Details

Single replication machines at work: the coordination of daughter strand synthesis
Speaker: Karl E. Duderstadt
Date: 06.11.2015 | Room: PH 127 | Details

Structural mechanics of nucleic acids
Speaker: Filip Lankas
Date: 23.10.2015 | Room: PH 127 | Details

Predicting the dynamic behaviour of DNA computers
Speaker: Frits Dannenberg
Date: 16.10.2015 | Room: Seminarroom ZNN Ground Floor | Details

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