Ultrasensitive Linear and Non-linear Optical Microscopy
Speaker: Talk is cancelled!!! Prof. Dr. Andreas Zumbusch, Department Chemie Universität Konstanz
Date: 23.11.2012 | Room: PH127 | Details

Nanopores for Single-Molecule Analysis
Speaker: Dr. Meni Wanunu
Date: 19.11.2012 | Room: ZNN Seminar Room EG 0.001

Adhesion Class G Protein-Coupled Receptors - Natural Chimeras with Unknown Cell Biological Functions
Speaker: Dr. Tobias Langerhan
Date: 15.11.2012 | Room: Amalienstr. 54 Seminarroom Gaub | Details

Dynamics of Active Matter
Speaker: Björn Stuhrmann
Date: 09.11.2012 | Room: PH127 | Details

Statistical Physics of Run-and-Tumble Bacteria and other Self-Propelled Particles
Speaker: Julien Tailleur
Date: 28.09.2012 | Room: PH 127 | Details

"Lipid Membranes in Contact with Aqueous Polymer Solutions"
Speaker: Dr Yongang Liu
Date: 24.08.2012 | Room: 3024 | Details

Emergence of Synchrony in Living Systems through Force Interactions
Speaker: Taher Saif, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Date: 24.07.2012 | Room: PH 3024 | Details

Modeling active Matter, From Sperm to Tissue
Speaker: Jens Elgeti, Forschungszentrum Jülich, Institute of Complex Systems
Date: 17.07.2012 | Room: LMU; Amalienstr; N 120 | Details

Single Molecule RNA Biology: Of Intracellular MicroRNAs and Molecular Nanorobots
Speaker: Nils G. Walter, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Date: 13.07.2012 | Room: PH 127 | Details

Computational Modeling of Unfolding and Translocation of Substrate Proteins by Ring-Shaped Biological Machines
Speaker: George Stan
Date: 05.07.2012 | Room: PH 127 | Details

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