The mechanism of ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling
Speaker: Felix Müller-Planitz
Date: 08.07.2016 | Room: PH 127 | Details

Physical Guidance of Cell Migration
Speaker: Wolfgang Losert
Date: 01.07.2016 | Room: PH 127 | Details

Biophysical description of the Thermoalkali-philic Molecular Motor reveals a high torque implying an energetically conservative enzyme
Speaker: Duncan McMillan
Date: 29.06.2016 | Room: Seminarroom PH 3024 | Details

Parametric design of alpha-helical barrels and pore-like assemblies with very high thermodynamic stabilities
Speaker: Gustav Oberdorfer
Date: 17.06.2016 | Room: PH 127 | Details

“Bacterial micronauts”- insights in the space resistance of Bacillus subtilis
Speaker: Ralf Möller
Date: 10.06.2016 | Room: Seminarraum 3024 | Details

Analyzing Conformational Dynamics of Proteins using single particle cryo EM
Speaker: David Haselbach
Date: 13.05.2016 | Room: PH 127 | Details

Protein and RNA Structure Prediction through Co-Evolutionary Information
Speaker: Alexander Schug
Date: 29.04.2016 | Room: PH 127 | Details

Nanofluidic transport in individual carbon and boron nitride nanotubes
Speaker: Lydéric Bocquet
Date: 26.04.2016 | Room: ZNN Ground Floor Seminarraum | Details

Out-of-equilibrium self-assembly approaches in supramolecular materials
Speaker: Job Boekhoven
Date: 15.04.2016 | Room: PH 127 | Details

Drug Resistance Evolution in Spatially Structured Populations
Speaker: Jona Kayser
Date: 08.04.2016 | Room: PH 127 | Details

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