Frits Dannenberg

Predicting the dynamic behaviour of DNA computers

Seminarroom ZNN Ground Floor

16.10.2015, 10:30

Synthetic DNA computers are a promising approach to interface with biological material, with potential applications in disease detection and genetic screening. Predicting the dynamic behaviour of such DNA systems, prior to experimental realization, is an important part of the design process. However, estimating the kinetic parameters that determine this dynamic behaviour is a major challenge. Here I present a method for predicting the kinetic parameters of a DNA device based on existing models of thermodynamic stability, which I apply to a distributed consensus network. The method is accurate while significantly reducing the number of kinetic parameters that need to be measured experimentally. I have implemented this method within the Visual DNA Strand Displacement software developed by Microsoft Research, enabling predictions for a broad range of DNA devices.


Joint work with the biological computational group at Microsoft Research