Volodya Gelfand

Motors, microtubules and axonal growth

PH 127

30.01.2015, 13:00

In this talk, we will discuss how microtubule motors organize microtubule cytoskeleton in developing Drosophila neurons and how movement of microtubules against each other drives initial neurite outgrowth. We will show how microtubule movement is powered by kinesin-1, a motor that is typically known for its ability to move organelles along microtubules and how it is regulated by another kinesin, “mitotic” kinesin-6. We will also show that microtubule sliding is downregulated during development and reactivated during axon regeneration after injury. Our data demonstrate new functions for two well-characterized kinesins in the formation of axons and suggest important parallels between the functions of motors during cell division and neurogenesis.