Fabien Montel

Zero-Mode Waveguide Detection of Flow-Driven DNA Translocation through Nanopores

PH 127

09.01.2015, 13:00

Injection of polymers into nanopores is a critical step of many industrial processes including filtration and oil recovery and in biological pores like the nuclear pore complex. In our work, we directly monitor the flow driven injection of DNA through nanopores at the single molecule and single pore level using a custom Zero-Mode Waveguide method. We observe a flow threshold independent of the pore radius, the DNA concentration and length. We demonstrate that the flow injection of DNA in nanopores is controlled by an energy barrier as proposed by the de Gennes - Brochard suction model. Finally, we show that the height of the energy barrier can be modulated by functionalizing the nanopores with grafted PEG molecules and that the modulation is correlated to the length of the PEG polymers. With the experimental set up we have designed, we aim at exploring the dynamics of polymer transport through the nuclear pore complex.