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Nature Materials, 10, 462–468 Link: [download] [see also N&V] [download from arxiv]

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On the mechanical stability of filopodia
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Quantal law of immune response
New J Phys. in press

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Regulatory Posttranslational Modifications in Hsp90 Can Be Compensated by Cochaperone Aha1
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Aging of Hydrogenated and Oxidized Diamond
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How the weak become strong.
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Diffusive spreading of time-dependent pressures in elastic microfluidic devices.
Lab on a Chip, 10, 8, 1025-1029 [Download]

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Structural insight into M-band assembly and mechanics from the titin-obscurin-like-1 complex
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Lehrbuch der Biophysik
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H. Dietz, S.M. Douglas, and W.M. Shih (2009)
Folding DNA into twisted and curved nanoscale shapes
Science, vol 325 (2009), p725 Link:

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Biophysical Journal, 97, 1, 83-89 [Download]

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