Sackmann Group

Prof. Dr. Erich Sackmann

Physics of the cell. Exploration of the interactive control of material propertiesof cells by signal molecules and mutations. Main topics: Composite membrane microstructure and functions; mesoscale viscoelasticity and plasticity of cells; physics of cell shape changes; actin-microtubule cross talk. Control of cell adhesion by interplay of specific and generic interfacial forces membrane elasticity and actin-microtubule crosstalk. Transient generation of local and global reaction spaces in membranes by lateral phase separation and actin gel reorgansiation.

Latest Publications

A. Zidovska and E. Sackmann (2011)
On the mechanical stability of filopodia
Biophys. J. 100 1–10

E. Sackmann (2011)
Quantal law of immune response
New J Phys. in press