Publications of the Bausch Group 2010

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K.M. Schmoller, P. Fernandez, R.C. Arevalo, D.L. Blair and A.R. Bausch (2010)
Cyclic hardening in bundled actin networks
Nature Communications 1, 134 Link: [download]

V. Schaller,C. Weber,C. Semmrich, E. Frey and A.R. Bausch (2010)
Polar Patterns of driven Filaments
Nature 467, 73-77 [Download]

C. Semmrich and A. R. Bausch (2010)
How the weak become strong.
Nature Materials, 9, 293-294 [Download]

O. Lieleg, M.M A E Claessens and A.R. Bausch (2010)
Structure and Dynamics of Cross-linked Actin Networks
Soft Matter, 10, 6, 218 - 225 [Download]

B. Wunderlich, U. Kleßinger and A. R. Bausch (2010)
Diffusive spreading of time-dependent pressures in elastic microfluidic devices.
Lab on a Chip, 10, 8, 1025-1029 [Download]