Publications of the Bausch Group 2008

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K.M. Schmoller, O. Lieleg, and A.R. Bausch (2008)
Internal stress in kinetically trapped actin bundle networks
Soft Matter, 4, 2365 - 2367 [Download]

K.M. Schmoller, O. Lieleg, and A.R. Bausch (2008)
Cross-linking Molecules Modify Composite Actin Networks Independently
Phys. Rev. Lett. 101, 118102 [Download]

O. Lieleg, M.M.A.E. Claessens, Y. Luan, and A. R. Bausch (2008)
Transient Binding and Dissipation in Cross-Linked Actin Networks
Phys. Rev. Lett. 101, 108101 [Download]

Simone Köhler, Oliver Lieleg and Andreas R. Bausch (2008)
Rheological Characterization of the Bundling Transition in F-Actin Solutions Induced by Methylcellulose
PlosOne, published online 07/17/2008 [Download]

Christine Semmrich, Ryan J. Larsen and Andreas R. Bausch (2008)
Nonlinear mechanics of entangled F-actin solutions
Soft Matter, 4, 1675-1680 [Download]

Mireille M.A.E. Claessens, Christine Semmrich, Laurence Ramos, Andreas R. Bausch (2008)
Helical twist controls the thickness of F-actin bundles
PNAS, 105, 26, 8819-8822 [Download]

Sebastian Rammensee, U.Slotta, Thomas Scheibel, Andreas R. Bausch (2008)
Assembly mechanism of recombinant spider silk proteins
PNAS, 105, 18, 6590-6595 [Download]

M. Bathe, C. Heussinger, M.M.A.E. Claessens, A.R. Bausch and E. Frey (2008)
Cytoskeletal bundle mechanics
Biophysical Journal, 94, 2955-2964 [Download]

Y. Luan, O. Lieleg, B. Wagner and A.R. Bausch (2008)
Micro- and Macrorheological Properties of Isotropically Cross-Linked Actin Networks
Biophysical Journal, 94, 688-693 [Download]