Publications of the Bausch Group 2005 and older

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T. Einert, P. Lipowsky, J. Schilling, M. Bowick and A.R. Bausch (2005)
Grain boundary scars on spherical crystals
Langmuir 21 (26): 12076-12079 [Download]

J. Auernheimer, C. Damen, U. Hersel, A. Bausch and H. Kessler (2005)
Photoswitched Cell Adhesion on Surfaces with RGD Peptides
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 127 (46):16107-10 [Download]

P. Lipowsky, M.J. Bowick, J. Meinke, D.R. Nelson and A.R. Bausch (2005)
Direct visualization of dislocation dynamics in grain boundary scars
Nature Materials, 4: 407-411 [Download]

Hsu MF, Nikolaides MG, Dinsmore AD, Bausch AR, Gordon VD, Chen X, Hutchinson JW, Weitz DA, Marquez M. (2005)
Self-assembled shells composed of colloidal particles: fabrication and characterization
Langmuir, 21 (7): 2963-70 [Download]

G. Maurstad, A. R. Bausch, Pawel Sikorski and B. T. Stokke (2005)
Electrostatically Self-Assembled Multilayers of Chitosan and Xanthan Studied by Atomic Force Microscopy and Micro-Interferometry
Macromolecular Symposia, 227 (1): 161 – 172 [Download]

J. Schilling, E. Sackmann and A. R. Bausch (2004)
Digital imaging processing for biophysical applications
Review of Scientific Instruments, 75: 2822-2827 [Download]

V.D. Gordon, X. Chen, J.W. Hutchinson, A.R. Bausch, M. Marquez and D.A. Weitz (2004)
Self-Assembled Polymer Membrane Capsules Inflated by Osmotic Pressure
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 126: 14117-14122 [Download]

I.Y. Wong, M.L. Gardel, E.R. Weeks, M.T. Valentine, A.R. Bausch and D.A. Weitz (2004)
Anomalous diffusion of thermally driven tracer particles in F-Actin networks
Physical Review Letters, 92: 178101 [Download]

M. G. Nikolaides, S. Rauschenbach, and A. R. Bausch (2004)
Characterization of a silicon-on-insulator based thin film resistor in electrolyte solutions for sensor applications
Journal of Applied Physics, 95 (7): 3811-3815 [Download]

C. Picart, K. Sengupta, J. Schilling, G. Maurstad, G. Ladam, A.R. Bausch and E. Sackmann (2004)
Micro-interferometric study of the structure, interfacial potential and viscoelastic properties of polyelectrolyte multilayer films on planar substrates
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 126: 14117-14122 [Download]

J. Schilling, K. Sengupta, S. Goennenwein, A.R. Bausch, E. Sackmann (2004)
Absolute interfacial distance measurements by dual wavelength reflection interference contrast microscopy
Physical Review E, 69: 02190 1-9 [Download]

M. L. Gardel, M. T. Valentine, J. C. Crocker, A. R. Bausch and D. A. Weitz (2003)
Microrheology of Entangled F-Actin Solutions
Physical Review Letters, 91: 158302 1-4 [Download]

M. Nikolaides, A.R. Bausch, M. Hsu, A.D. Dinsmore and D.A. Weitz (2003)
Like-charged particles at liquid interfaces
Nature, 424: 1014 [Download]

M. G. Nikolaides, S. Rauschenbach, S. Luber, K. Buchholz, M. Tornow, G. Abstreiter and A. R. Bausch (2003)
Silicon-on-Insulator Based Thin-Film Resistor for Chemical and Biological Sensor Applications
ChemPhysChem, 4: 1104-1110 [Download]

A. R. Bausch, M. J. Bowick, A. Cacciuto, A. D. Dinsmore, M. F. Hsu, D. R. Nelson, M. G. Nikolaides, A. Travesset, D. A. Weitz (2003)
Grain Boundary Scars and Spherical Crystallography
Science, 299 1716-1718 [Download]

M.Keller, R. Tharmann, Marius A. Dichtl, A. R. Bausch and E. Sackmann (2003)
Slow filament dynamics and viscoelasticity in entangled and activ actin networks
Phil.Trans. R. Soc. Lond. A, 361: 699-712 [Download]

M. Nikolaides, A.R. Bausch M. Hsu, A.D. Dinsmore and D.A. Weitz (2002)
Electric-field-induced capillary attraction between like-charged particles at liquid interfaces
Nature, 420: 299-301 [Download]

A.D. Dinsmore, M. Nikolaides, M. Hsu, A.R. Bausch and D.A. Weitz (2002)
Colloidosomes: Selectively Permeable Capsules Composed of Colloidal Particles
Science, 298: 1006-1009 [Download]

A.R. Bausch and D.A. Weitz (2002)
Tracking the dynamics of single quantum dots: beating the optical resolution twice
Journal of Nanoparticle Research, 4: 477-481 [Download]

K. Prechtel, A.R. Bausch, V. Marchi-Artzner, M. Kantlehner, H. Kessler and R. Merkel (2002)
Dynamic force spectroscopy to probe adhesion strength of living cells
Physical Review Letters, 89: 028101 1-4 [Download]

A.R. Bausch, U. Hellerer, M. Essler, M. Aepfelbacher and E. Sackmann (2001)
Rapid Stiffening of Integrin Receptor-Actin Linkages in Endothelial Cells Stimulated with Thrombin: A Magnetic Bead Microrheology Study
Biophysical Journal, 80: 2649-2657 [Download]

A.R. Bausch, W. Möller and E. Sackmann (2000)
Measuring ligand-receptor unbinding forces with magnetic beads: molecular leverage
Langmuir, 16: 8984-8993 [Download]

E. Sackmann, A.R. Bausch and L. Vonna (1999)
Physics of composite cell membrane and actin based cytoskeleton
Les Houches Lectures, In: Flyvbjerg H, Jülicher F, Ormos P, David F, editors. Physics of bio-molecules and cells.: Springer

A.R. Bausch, W. Möller and E. Sackmann (1998)
Measurement of Local viscoelasticity and forces in living cells by magnetic tweezers
Biophysical Journal, 76: 573-579 [Download]

A.R. Bausch, F. Ziemann, A.A. Boulbitch, K. Jacobson and E. Sackmann (1998)
Local measurements of viscoelastic parameters of adherent cell surfaces by magnetic bead microrheometry
Biophysical Journal, 75: 2038-2049 [Download]

Bausch, A. R. and G. Roy (1996)
Volume-sensitive chloride channels blocked by neuroprotective drugs in human glial cells (U-138MG).
Glia 18(1): 73-77.