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Florin, E. L., M. Rief, H. Lehmann, M. Ludwig, C. Dornmair, V. T. Moy and H. E. Gaub (1995)
Sensing Specific Molecular-Interactions with the Atomic-Force Microscope.
Biosensors & Bioelectronics 10(9-10): 895-901.

Ludwig, M., V. T. Moy, M. Rief, E. L. Florin, and H. E. Gaub (1994)
Characterization of the Adhesion Force between Avidin-Functionalized Afm Tips and Biotinylated Agarose Beads
Microscopy Microanalysis Microstructures 5:321-328

M. Bertz, J. Buchner, M. Rief
Mechanical Stability of the Antibody Domain CH3 Homodiner in Different Oxidation States

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