A quantitative understanding of biological processes is the main objective of biophysics. At the institute of molecular and cellular biophysics we join efforts to unravel the fundamental mechanisms underlying such processes with interdisciplinary approaches.


Next Talks

Dynamics of epithelial cells during collective migration and cell extrusion
Speaker: Benoit Ladoux
Date: (2019) | Room: PH 127

Regulation of actin filaments dynamics by proteins and mechanical stress
Speaker: Antoine Jégou
Date: (2018) | Room: PH 127

Modeling neurodegeneration in zebrafish
Speaker: Bettina Schmid
Date: (2018) | Room: PH 127

Latest Publications


Bauer D., Meinhold S., Jakob R.P., Stigler J., Merkel U., Maier T., Rief M., Žoldák G. (2018)
A folding nucleus and minimal ATP binding domain of Hsp70 identified by single-molecule force spectroscopy
PNAS, vol 115, no. 18 Link:  (download)

Suren Th., Rutz D., Moessmer P., Merkel U., Buchner J. and Rief M. (2018)
Single-molecule force spectroscopy reveals folding steps associated with hormone binding and activation of the glucocorticoid receptor
PNAS vol. 115, Nr. 46, 11688-11693 Link:  [download]

Mohamed A.A. Mohamed, Willi L. Stepp, Zeynep Ökten (2018)
Reconstitution reveals motor activation for intraflagellar transport.
Nature 557, 387–391 (2018) Link:  [download]

Prof. Dr. Andreas Bausch (E27 Chair)
Cellular Biophysics

Prof. Dr. Hendrik Dietz
Laboratory for Biomolecular

Prof. Dr. Thorsten Hugel
Single Molecule Detection
and Manipulation

Dr. Zeynep Ökten

Intracellular Transport Processes

Prof. Dr. Matthias Rief (E22 Chair)
Protein Folding and Molecular Motors

Prof. Dr. Erich Sackmann (Emeritus)
Physics of Biomaterials

PD Dr. Günther Woehlke
Microtubule-dependent processes